Current methods of double eyelid surgery, pros & cons

                             Double eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is now very popular. Apart from aesthetic purpose, flagging and drooping eyelid can make a person look older. Sometimes, flagging eyelids which interrupt the vision can be the reason for double eyelid surgery as well. Double eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is thus one of the most popular surgeries. However, there are many methods to perform double eyelid surgery. Which one is suitable for you? Which one is better? In fact, all methods of double eyelid surgery have their advantages and disadvantages. There is no best method for everyone. A good surgeon should be able to perform all methods of double eyelid surgery and choose the most suitable method for each patient. Let’s see how many methods there are for double eyelid surgery, how they are performed as well as pros & cons of each method. 

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    Current methods of double eyelid surgery, pros & cons
    Current methods of double eyelid surgery, pros & cons

    Current methods of double eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)

     1. Double eyelid creation with laser

    2. Double eyelid surgery by suture technique blepharoplasty

    3. Double eyelid surgery by small-incision technique blepharoplasty

    4. Double eyelid surgery with full-incision technique blepharoplasty

    5. Double eyelid surgery and excess eyelid removal

    6. Double eyelid surgery and medial epicanthoplasty or fat transfer, ptosis, sunken eye correction etc. 

    Current methods of double eyelid surgery, pros & cons
    Current methods of double eyelid surgery, pros & cons

    Double eyelid creation with laser

    The laser, named Plexr, uses plasma to erase the drooping eyelid. This method is suitable for the person who already has double eyelid but it is slightly drooping and flagging and prefers non-surgical method. Limitation: for the monolided person who would like to have double eyelid, the surgery can provide better and prettier double eyelid than the laser.     

    Double eyelid surgery by suture technique

    It is performed by piercing, non-incisional wound, the upper eyelid for 3 holes and sutures the crease which is quite popular for double eyelid surgery.

    The advantages of suture technique blepharoplasty

    1. No visible scar. When the wound is completely healed, it becomes invisible thanks to the tiny holes.
    2. Less swollen. (But it might not be different from the minimal incision technique for a skillful surgeon.) 

    The disadvantages of suture technique blepharoplasty

    1. The crease is not durable. (Especially in the person who has thick and fatty upper eyelid.)
    2. The crease size is limited. (Especially in the person who has thick upper eyelid.)
    3. After a while, the crease tends to slide and becomes smaller.
    4. For the person who has fatty upper eyelid, the fat can be removed less (compared with the incision technique).

    Double eyelid surgery by Small-Incision Technique 

    It is performed by an incision of 3-5 mm at the upper eyelid. (Depending on each surgeon’s technique)

    Current methods of double eyelid surgery, pros & cons
    Current methods of double eyelid surgery, pros & cons

    The advantages of small-incision technique blepharoplasty

    1.   Little scar, easily faded
    2.   Short operation time, little swelling, easy to heal (compared with the full-incision technique)
    3.   Suitable for a young person having little excess eyelid or not very thick eyelid
    4.   Can create double eyelid and remove the fat much more than a suture technique.  

    The disadvantages of small-incision technique blepharoplasty

    1.   For a person with severe blepharoptosis, after the recovery from swelling, the eyelids will droop, the creases will become smaller or there will be a mild lateral hooding.
    2.   For a person with very think eyelids, the creases will look quite plump as it is done by suturing the crease up without removing the skin and tissues of excess eyelid.

    Double eyelid surgery by full-incision technique

    It is similar to the minimal-incision technique but the incision is longer so that the crease can be sutured all through the length of an eye without excising the excess eyelid.  

    The advantages of full-incision technique blepharoplasty

    1. Minimize the lateral hooding possibility better than the minimal-incision technique (except a severe blepharoptosis)
    2.   The fat can be removed more especially for the person who has fatty eyelids.

    The disadvantages of full-incision technique blepharoplasty

    1.   More swollen and longer wound compared with the minimal-incision technique
    2.   Same as mentioned in the disadvantages of minimal-incision technique

    Double eyelid surgery combined with excess eyelid removal

    Current methods of double eyelid surgery, pros & cons
    Current methods of double eyelid surgery, pros & cons

    The advantages of double eyelid surgery combined with excess eyelid removal

    1. Can remove excess eyelid including the fat and eye muscle in patient with thick eyelids to effectively correct blepharoptosis.

    2. This technique can determine the shape of crease according to your wish.

    3. Though the crease is clearly seen, it is still natural-looking as the crease does not need to be big thanks to the removal of drooping eyelid which covered the crease. This is different from the minimal-incision technique which did not remove the excess eyelid. So, the crease needs to be sutured higher. As for the patient with severe blepharoptosis, suturing the crease very high will result in sleepy eyes, big crease with unnatural-looking double eyelid.          

    The disadvantages of double eyelid surgery combined with excess eyelid removal 

    1. More swelling and take longer time to heal than other techniques

    2. The scar will be as long as the eye. (Same as the full-incision technique)  

    3. Longer operation time

    Double eyelid surgery combined with medial epicanthoplasty

    The doctor will consider the necessity and appropriateness of each patient because not everyone who wishes to have a double eyelid surgery requires the medial epicanthoplasty.

    Double eyelid surgery combined with fat transfer for sunken eye correction

    A patient with sunken eye can’t have a normal double eyelid surgery as there will be no crease after the surgery and the sunken eye will remain.

    Concerning the double eyelid surgery for a patient with sunken eye, the doctor needs to carefully evaluate the method for individual sunken eye correction as each patient has different conditions of sunken eye. Therefore, the doctor will select different method accordingly.    

    Current methods of double eyelid surgery, pros & cons
    Current methods of double eyelid surgery, pros & cons

    Each ophthalmologist might have different technique and expertise.

    If you are interested in having a suitable double eyelid surgery, please send your photo for a preliminary consultation through See more than 1,000 photos of various double eyelid surgeries here…

    *The outcome of double eyelid surgery depends on individual eye contour structure.

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    Pre-operative care for blepharoplasty

    1. Stop dietary supplement e.g. vitamins C, E, fish oil and herbs 2 weeks before the operation.

    2. If you have any medical conditions e.g. hypertension, diabetes, cardiopathy, please discuss with your doctor for the utmost safety, even though a double eyelid surgery is only a local operation.  

    3. Sleep sufficiently. No need to abstain from food prior to the surgery.  

    4. Bring your sunglasses so that you can wear them to protect your eyes from dust after the surgery.  

    5. Although your eyes are not much swollen, you should not drive by yourself right after the surgery for the sake of safety.   

    6. Allocate your time for a recovery. If possible, you should rest at least a few days after the surgery to reduce an optical activity and have more time to apply a compress so that the wound can be healed faster.

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