Ptosis Correction

Ptosis Correction
Levator Muscle Correction

Cases of Ptosis Correction by inZ clinic

Levator Muscle Correction (Ptosis Correction) by inZ clinic

It is a surgery to correct the eye muscle apart from the double eyelid surgery to remedy the case of blepharoptosis which covers the pupil more than it should or sleepy eyes by enlarging the eyes. The advantages are bigger and brighter eyes, sunken eye correction and reduction of brow lifting resulting in less forehead wrinkles. It is often performed with double eyelid surgery.

Ptosis Correction is suitable for whom?

Ptosis correction is suitable for a person who wishes to have bigger and brighter eyes or a person who always looks sleepy, usually widens his/her eyes. It can be performed together with either minimal-incision or full-incision double eyelid surgery depending on doctor’s judgement.

Useful information of Ptosis Correction procedures

Ptosis correction starts with the anesthetic injection into the upper eyelid. Its incision is made the same way as the typical double eyelid surgery plus the suture of eye muscle in order to expand the range of vision. After that, the double eyelid surgery is performed. If the double eyelid surgery is performed without the ptosis correction, its symptoms will become severer i.e. asymmetrical eyelid folds, worsening of blepharoptosis and sleepy eyes.

The outcome may vary in each person and also depends on each doctor’s technique and expertise.

Ptosis Correction
Ptosis Correction

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