Sunken Eye Correction

Sunken eye correction
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Cases of Sunken Eye Correction by inZ clinic

Sunken Eye Correction by inZ clinic

There are many methods for sunken eye correction depending on doctor’s special technique which will be properly selected for each patient in consideration of many factors e.g. the level of eye socket depression, blepharoptosis, previous double eyelid surgery and the severity of sleepy eyes etc. In this respect, popular methods are fat transfer and fat graft transposition. The fat transfer will be performed concurrently with a double eyelid surgery and a levator advancement. This technique will transfer the fat in the eye socket which was moved inside causing the socket depression. The fat graft transposition will be performed by the grafting of patient’s own subcutaneous fat combined with a minimal-incision or a full-incision double eyelid surgery.

Useful information of Sunken Eye Correction

Sunken eye correction needs doctor’s expertise. Some patient with an eye socket depression has consulted many doctors and received diverse opinions. However, if a patient has a levator muscle weakness combined with an eye socket depression, the treatment of fat graft transposition only may lead to a worsening of sleepy eyes and an unsuccessful sunken eye correction.

The outcome may vary in each person and also
depends on each doctor’s technique and expertise.

Sunken Eye Correction
Sunken Eye Correction

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